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Treachery 3.1

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Treachery 3.1 Empty Treachery 3.1

Post by Stefouch on Wed 15 Feb 2017, 21:19

Treachery 3.1

Hi fellow traitors,

Only one month has passed since the major 3.0 update and I am already here with new modifications.

I remember I told you I would not further modify the 3.0 version, but I was too eager during the development of new identities, and some problems came out only recently after several game sessions.
A quick patch was needed and I did my best to provide you as soon as possible a fixed version. Here we are.

New Identities

• I completely revamped The Combative Monarch to finally move it to a legendary slot.
• So, one slot was free and I created a new leader: The Twin Princesses. They have an activated ability that mixes [card]Rings of Brighthearth[/card] and [card]Strionic Resonator[/card] together.

Legendary Identities

• Promotional legendary identities have been moved in a separate file.
• There are now a total of 9 extra legendary identities, with 2 still in development.
• Remember, they exist only if you want to play a very complicated game of Treachery.

Download Link

• You may download our last PDF here:
• Update file with only severely modified cards: link here (xps)

Change Log

• Here is the full list of changes:

3.1.0, on 15-02-2017:
- New Identity (leader): The Twin Princesses (Rings of Brighthearth/Strionic Resonator), replaces the Combative Monarch.

- Revamped The Combative Monarch (leader): the previous design broke the spirit of Treachery by forcing opponents to attack the leader as soon as possible. Now it needs to fulfill a quest to become the monarch. Switched to legendary: "Olkar, Rising Monarch."
- Revamped The Unattainable One (leader): the previous design was unbalanced (too weak or too powerful, depending of the deck playing it).
- Revamped The Sadistic One (leader): back to initial version (halved).
- Revamped The Augur (guardian): look at the top seven instead of ten; exile three of them instead of one; the looked cards stay on top instead of bottom.

- Buffed The Blood Empress (leader): Decreased her second ability’s cost to 2 counters (was 3).

- Nerfed The Angel (guardian): the previous design was broken; we nerfed it by blinking only the leader’s board.
- Nerfed The Golem (guardian): the lifegain was too much; we decreased it by half.

- Some wording fixed on several cards.
- Promotional legendary identities are now available in a separate file.
3.0.0, on 12-01-2017:
- New Identity (Leader): The Blood Empress (death, blood)
- New Identity (Leader): The Dwarven Lord (gold, axes)
- New Identity (Leader): The King Over the Scrapyard (contraptions, scrap)
- New Identity (Guardian): The Augur (bribery)
- New Identity (Assassin): The Depths Caller (tutor, warp)
- New Identity (Traitor): The Undercover Agent (cascade, Yidris)
- New keyword: Unveil. Used to name the reveal ability (link with the custom rules).
- Fixed rarity for all other cards: Uncommon is for debutant, Rare is for advanced Treachery players, and Mythic is for game’s experts.

- New supertype: Legendary Identity (rarity Special): they are promotional cards and have a weird effect. Play them with cautious.
--- New Legendary Leader (Special rarity): Syllbokar the Chaos Bringer (d6, roll, random, jester)
--- New Legendary Guardian (Special rarity): Stefouch the Blacksmith (from The Blacksmith)
--- New Legendary Assassin (Special rarity): Yvan the Mad (ka-boom effect)
--- New Legendary Traitor (Special rarity): Aurelian the Chronologist (from The Chronologist)
--- New Legendary Traitor (Special rarity): Yzok the Mad Physician (from The Mad Physician)
--- Other promotional identities will be released soon!

- Revamped The Cathar (Guardian): exiles two permanents for {7} instead of suicide.
- Revamped The Hieromancer (Guardian): ices creatures for 1 turn instead of forces an untap step skipping.
- Revamped The Unattainable One (Leader): now it uses {E} energy counters.

- Buffed The Angel (Guardian): can now exile any permanents instead of only creatures. Increased unveil cost to 5 (was 4).
- Buffed The Blacksmith (Guardian): added "Indestructible" to the Equipment created.
- Buffed The Demon (Assassin): decreased unveil cost to 5 (was 6).
- Buffed The Thing (Assassin): increased mill effect to 40 (was 30).
- Buffed The Warlock (Guardian): can now end any phases instead of only combat phase. Increased unveil cost to 5 (was 3).

- Nerfed The Chronologist (Traitor): increased unveil cost to 6 (was 5).
- Nerfed The Councellor (Guardian): added an unveil restriction.
- Nerfed The Firebrand (assassin): can no longer target players but planeswalkers instead. (To avoid a kill with an infinite mana combo.)
- Nerfed The Lich (traitor): X can’t be greater than 10. (To avoid a kill with an infinite mana combo.)
- Nerfed The Oneiromancer (traitor): exiles cards from only 1 opponent instead of all of them. Added also "X can’t be greater than 10." (To avoid a kill with an infinite mana combo.)

- Rolled back The Thraben Mayor (leader) to a static +1/+1.
- Removed The Blasphemer (assassin): already in Undercover expansion.
Treacherous King
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Treachery 3.1 Empty Re: Treachery 3.1

Post by Stefouch on Thu 16 Feb 2017, 10:57

The 10th legendary identity has been completed and is now available: Nexus the Obsolete (assassin).
Treacherous King
Lead Developer
Lead Rules Committee

Treacherous KingLead DeveloperLead Rules Committee

Male Age : 35
Date d'inscription : 2015-09-07
Messages : 49

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