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Treachery 3.0

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Treachery 3.0 Empty Treachery 3.0

Post by Stefouch on Wed 11 Jan 2017, 17:16

Treachery 3.0

Hi fellow traitors,

Here is my gift towards you for celebrating the New Year 2017: a new version of Treachery!

Because it brings a lot of innovations, improvements and balances, we decided to jump the version number from 2.1.0 directly to 3.0.0!

This should be the last major update to this first version of Treachery "Survive amongst Traitors", bringing to a close 2½ years of developments and testings. Future improvements to the game variant will be done in new expansions. (As a hint, we are actively developing a Treachery version meant for limited only.)

New Identities and Fixed Rarity

• Treachery 3.0 brings enough new roles to reach a total of 12 identities per type (Leader, Guardian, Assassin, and Traitor) for a total of 48 cards.
• For each type, there are 4 uncommons, 4 rares and 4 mythics.
Uncommons are built for new players discovering Treachery. They have a little impact on the game and are a bit less powerfull than the other identities.
Rares and Mythics are meant for advanced and expert players. The difference between those two rarities is just a matter of complexity, mythics aren't necessarily more powerful than rares.

Legendary Identities

• Treachery 3.0 also allows a "Legendary" supertype to Identities. Those cards have a long name, are promotional and have a special rarity.
• Legendary identities are just fun versions of abandonned developments and transposed into unique characters.
• Play them at your own risk!

Download Link

• You may download our last PDF here:

Change Log

• Here is the full list of changes:
3.0.0, on 12-01-2017:
- New Identity (Leader): The Blood Empress (death, blood)
- New Identity (Leader): The Dwarven Lord (gold, axes)
- New Identity (Leader): The King Over the Scrapyard (contraptions, scrap)
- New Identity (Guardian): The Augur (bribery)
- New Identity (Assassin): The Depths Caller (tutor, warp)
- New Identity (Traitor): The Undercover Agent (cascade, Yidris)
- New keyword: Unveil. Used to name the reveal ability (link with the custom rules).
- Fixed rarity for all other cards: Uncommon is for debutant, Rare is for advanced Treachery players, and Mythic is for game’s experts.

- New supertype: Legendary Identity (rarity Special): they are promotional cards and have a weird effect. Play them with cautious.
--- New Legendary Leader (Special rarity): Syllbokar the Chaos Bringer (d6, roll, random, jester)
--- New Legendary Guardian (Special rarity): Stefouch the Blacksmith (from The Blacksmith)
--- New Legendary Assassin (Special rarity): Yvan the Mad (ka-boom effect)
--- New Legendary Traitor (Special rarity): Aurelian the Chronologist (from The Chronologist)
--- New Legendary Traitor (Special rarity): Yzok the Mad Physician (from The Mad Physician)
--- Other promotional identities will be released soon!

- Revamped The Cathar (Guardian): exiles two permanents for {7} instead of suicide.
- Revamped The Hieromancer (Guardian): ices creatures for 1 turn instead of forces an untap step skipping.
- Revamped The Unattainable One (Leader): now it uses {E} energy counters.

- Buffed The Angel (Guardian): can now exile any permanents instead of only creatures. Increased unveil cost to 5 (was 4).
- Buffed The Blacksmith (Guardian): added "Indestructible" to the Equipment created.
- Buffed The Demon (Assassin): decreased unveil cost to 5 (was 6).
- Buffed The Thing (Assassin): increased mill effect to 40 (was 30).
- Buffed The Warlock (Guardian): can now end any phases instead of only combat phase. Increased unveil cost to 5 (was 3).

- Nerfed The Chronologist (Traitor): increased unveil cost to 6 (was 5).
- Nerfed The Councellor (Guardian): added an unveil restriction.
- Nerfed The Firebrand (assassin): can no longer target players but planeswalkers instead. (To avoid a kill with an infinite mana combo.)
- Nerfed The Lich (traitor): X can’t be greater than 10. (To avoid a kill with an infinite mana combo.)
- Nerfed The Oneiromancer (traitor): exiles cards from only 1 opponent instead of all of them. Added also "X can’t be greater than 10." (To avoid a kill with an infinite mana combo.)

- Rolled back The Thraben Mayor (leader) to a static +1/+1.
- Removed The Blasphemer (assassin): already in Undercover expansion.
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