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Treachery 3.2

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Treachery 3.2 Empty Treachery 3.2

Post by Stefouch on Fri 10 Nov 2017, 09:12

Treachery 3.2

Updated Cards

Treachery-update-32 (xps) (better quality)
Treachery-update-32 (pdf) (lesser quality, better compatibility)


Treachery 3.2:
- The Twin Princesses (Leader): typo correction.
- The Oracle (Guardian): gives protection from everything to the Leader instead of "can’t lose the game".
- The Firebrand (Assassin): revamped into something more inspired by Comet Storm and Aurelia’s Fury.
- The Necromancer (Assassin): its ability is now sorcery speed.
- The Fallen Hero (Traitor): may now put permanent cards onto the battlefield, not just lands.

- Yvan the Mad (Legendary Assassin): revamped.
- New Legendary Leader (promo): Gaea, Ancestral Mother of Life (untap effect).
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