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Post by Nico on Wed 09 Sep 2015, 17:36


Here is the link towards my alternate set of Identity cards.

Keep in mind that those cards are still in development phase so feel free to talk about what your group liked and didn't liked about them. Any comments on this set should be addressed in this forum with a specific topic for each card discussed.

The rules are the same than for the "Standard" Treachery set (see comprehensive rules here) with one little additional rule regarding the Guardian: this role has the keyword "Undercover" instead of "Unveil", which prevents them from triggering their ability too soon:

Undercover wrote:Start the game with this identity face down in the command zone. You may turn it face up any time for its undercover cost if another identity card has been turned face up, or if you or the Leader player have been attacked by a third player during the game.

There is four "special" Traitor cards at the end of the spoiler (The Conspirator, The Puppeteer, The Mercenary and The Usurper). Those should not be included in your first few games as they will dramatically affect the game dynamics.
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