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Developer's Notes

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Developer's Notes Empty Developer's Notes

Post by Stefouch on Fri 11 Sep 2015, 16:28

Developer's Notes

You are welcome if you wish to participate to the development of new identities !
You can also propose your own ideas in this forum.

Here are my developing philosophies behind the creation of Treachery:


• He always start the game.
• He has a simple static ability, and sometimes a triggered one.
• "Mayors" is a kind of Leader. He only has effects benefic to himself.
• "King" is a kind of Leader. He interacts more with the other players, and sometimes not at all with himself.


• They always have a reveal ability only beneficial to the Leader, never on themselves.
• Their abilities are either expensive and powerful; or situational and cheap. This is because Guardians want to be identified by the Leader as soon as possible.


• They have reveal abilities that can target any player: they can help each other or they can annoy Guardians as much as the Leader. This is the most versatile role.


• It's the most difficult role, because they need to kill every other player on the battlefield, including other Traitors.
• Thus, they are granted with a powerful reveal ability.

A note about Usurpers

• Usurper was an Identity subtype that is now deprecated and placed into the subtype Traitor. Now it's more a "kind" of Traitor.
• They have the ability to exchange any number of Identities in the game, thus exchanging roles and victory conditions.
• Their main plan was to switch their own "Usurper" identity with the Leader's one.

Format Template

If you want to post your identity ideas, please use the following template for greater clarity.

[h4]Identity Title[/h4]
Identity — Subtype
[quote]Identity rule text
[i]Identity flavor text[/i][/quote]
Like this :

Identity Title

Identity — Subtype
Identity rule text
Identity flavor text

Thank you for posting and helping Treachery development Wink
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