Banlist Brainstorming

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del Banlist Brainstorming

Post by Stefouch on Wed 11 Oct 2017, 10:57

Dear Traitor,

As you already know, we meant Treachery to be played as a "plugin" (or kind of) for another multiplayer game variant.
Therefore, Treachery follows the banned/restricted cards list from the format you used.

The idea was: we didn't want to bother you with an extra banlist to graft to the existing one, it would have become too cumbersome. I don't know for you, but myself I wouldn't like modifying my deck EDH/Commander deck before each game of Treachery.

BUT (a big one), after several months of testing, 1 card got our attention. 1 card that, every time it's cast, started groans and ended the game out of nowhere, ruining our experience of Treachery. This card is already strong (and still unbanned) in EDH/Commander, but in Treachery it's really insane. I'm describing [card]Expropriate[/card].

In a game of 5 or more players, whatever format used (EDH or any other multiplayer format), the ability of having potentially two or three allies will end up the Expropriate's caster with too many extra turns while stealing the best opponents' permanents. Deadly.
In Treachery, the Assassins just need to terminate the Leader. With Expropriate, the job is done for nine manas. Same for the opposite team, this way they could easily eliminate one or two Assassins, closing the game sooner or later.

In our testing playgroup at Brussels, we already implicitly banned this card from our games of Treachery. Like some local EDH/Commander playgroups, we have our own custom banlist for Treachery.

But [card]Expropriate[/card] is really a game ruiner. We wish to extend, in a near future, this banning to all game of Treachery around the world for the sake of the format's health.
This means we'll need to create a specific banlist for Treachery, something we always wanted to avoid.
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